Shipyard Equipment Guide (Map Included)

Well, obviously I can’t live without progress, so I have invented a new challenge for myself. To ease managing of my alts’ wharfs, I’ve made a small chart in Excel, which considers Ship Equipment.

There’s 10 upgrades that you need to encounter all threats in the sea. And mostly their recipes you get from killing rares. Here’s my guide of obtaining items for your alts QUICK.


1. Blast FurnaceThreat: Swift. You get this through Shipyard Tutorial.
2. Gyroscopic Internal StabilizerLoot from: Iron Reaver – Threat: Chaotic Whirlpools. Just queue for LFR, kill the second boss and loot her/it.

Camping Rares:

To get this equipment, you must get to the rare mob spawn point and kill a named rare mob.


  1. Spawn time is 30 minutes since it was killed. So, if you see a cold corpse of your needed enemy, you may go for a walk for 30 minutes and return after :)
  2. Otherwise, wait. You need to kill it only once after all.
  3. To track the time, do this: activate some one hour buff on your arrival to the spawn point to see how many minutes passed.
  4. If you see a “rare” grey skull or grey arrow on the map, get there asap. Mobs like that don’t live long, they are killed at once for Fel Apexis and Equipment, so activate all your speed buffs and run there. You need to perform at least 1 hit to get your loot, so try to do it before the mob dies. For example, if you’re a monk, you can use your jade lightning from afar. If you’re an ice mage, you use ice lance, not frostbolt which has casting time. Don’t let mobs linger you! You will deal with them later, or if you die when they got you at the “rare”, you can still return for loot, not 30-min time sink.
  5. All mobs are easily killed solo, but most likely there will be MANY guys helping you to kill the mob. Don’t hesitate and attack on spawn – you will kill it even if no one else comes. Exceptions: a shark and a demon (explained below).

Here’s my best road to kill all rares. Map and explanations follow (click on the picture to enlarge – opens in new window):

Shipyard Tanaan Equipment Map - Clickable
Shipyard Tanaan Equipment Map – Clickable

Fly to Aktar’s Post near Ruins of Kranak (map: blue point), take winding path downhill to Zeth’gol entrance, and go to the east: there will be entrance to the fortress with pale orcs and iron hordies inside. Enter and make you way straight through the corridor until you reach the balcony. At the balcony you get your first rare spawn – the orc commander Belgork:

3. Bilge Pump – Loot from: Belgork – Threat: Stormy Weather

After Belgork kicks the bucket, Make your way through the underground fortress, just run forward until you’re at the opposite exit. You are in Iron Horde Harbour. Go to the end of western pier  – you need a rare ogron Zoug to get:

4. True Iron Rudder – Loot from: Zoug the Heavy – Threat: Evasive

You can climb the fence near water and just be there safe and sound until the ogron spawns. You also can get there

5. Trained Shark Tank – Loot from: Savage Whale Shark – Threat: Minelayer

But it’s not possible without a raid, being the hardest obtained item. It has 27M hit points, and boosts to 90M when a raid pulls it. Use group finder by all means – when you have time for it.


From Zoug, you walk through the Ironhold Harbour to the farthest eastern part and climb up to their buildings – you need the biggest one with furnace inside. Wait in the bottom until small elemental blobs spawn. Kill all the blobs, and immediately get a biggest elemental fury Cindral to fight with:

6. Ice Cutter – Loot from: Cindral the Wildfire – Threat: Icy Water

Go to Fel Forge – it’s right at the south exit from the building. You need to fight your way to the small hill which is most southern and closest to crossroads and is also a viewpoint at Hellfire Citadel entrance. Where only 2 engineers hammer some plates and you’ve found a safe place – that’s where Felsmith Damorka spawns.


7. Felsmoke Launcher – Loot from: Felsmith Damorka – Threat: First Strike

Then go or fly to Vault of the Earth and make your way through Zorammarsh, to the cave at southwest corner of the swamp. You know that you found a right cave cause there are crabs and crab people. They’re mostly neutral, so you can get inside well. Go to the very south of the cave (not the ramp with a deep, deep lake). There spawns a dead dwarf – actually a skeleton.

8. Ghostly Spyglass – Loot from: Captain Ironbeard – Threat: Cursed Crew

The last, but not the least: you need some lamp against the dense fog. It comes from Eyed demon Xanzith. Go to the Throne of Kil’Jaeden, and find a fel pool with lots of fel imps around it – that’s where the demon spawns. I suggest you don’t try it alone. He spawns LOTS of imps during fight, and it maybe tough when soloed. You probably want to band up with at least one more person to kill it, so do it in “high hours”. That’s your last “field equipment item” –

 9. High Intensity Fog Light – Loot from: Xanzith the Everlasting – Threat: Dense Fog

All the drops are 100% now, so it’s worth waiting and doing. When you got all the equipment, you can face all the threats offered by seas of Draenor.

Happy Hunting!

P.S. And here’s my chart – sorry it’s in Russian xD


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