Death of Draenor: Rumble and Silence

As of my latest plan – I follow it and there’s really nothing new to report.

Micromantica blasted this Chapter III achievement today’s morning – and I leave these following Garona quests as a sweetest piece of cherry pie for the evening. Sadly it’s the only piece of lore left.


Others are not doing professions or anything at all. What I do is carefully cleaning away Highmaul cooldowns for Abrogator Stones (currently 37 to 83 out of 125 among my 10 alts). Waiting for raids, I only have desire to clean up Garrison missions and upgrading followers stuff. Having learnt that building a wharf will require Garrison resources, I focus on collecting them as well and not wasting in vain.

Life played a bad joke for Blizzard. They told us that Garrison will play an important role in our Draenor campaign. I don’t think they meant that it will mean THIS much. People are actually sitting there. There’s no actual need to do ANYTHING outside Garrison. Well you could go grind, but you know what grind means.

I hate the thing when the only way to raise reputation is merely killing mobs. I hate the thing when you have only your daily  achievements to do – those blues like go for 10th time to Magnarok and kick goren eggs. Damn isn’t it fun?

SILENCE! (c) Ko’ragh

At Pandaria, I had some things to do even before Draenor launch, even for my main. Now I have my Garrison.

Two greatest forces of Azeroth and their greatest heroes – are sitting inside Lunarfall and Frostwall villages. They are stuffing their bellys with fried talbuk flanks and drink beer all day long. For the Horde, it’s too cold to go outside. For the Alliance, even the beauty of nearby Draenic villages is not enough to overcome laziness. Local slaves bring you everything. They do your professions, they feed you, they bring you stuff from world and raids, they tie your shoes and clean your teeth. The heroes are just lazily trying on clothes the slaves bring them. 645? Meh. Goes to vendor. Next time bring me smth. of worth, you Ner’zhul’s ex.

Despite that you occasionally hear rumbling from Highmaul top floors or clanging from inside Blackrock Foundry, Draenor is silent now.

All evil forces are defeated. Botani are reduced to small garden playgrounds and are busy with goren and magnaron. Arakkoa’s Skyreach went shutdown. Iron Horde camps were raised to the ground along with mounted patrols. Demon presence in Shattrath was exterminated. Clefthoofs and talbuk are peacefully walking in Nagrand and no one cares for their skins or flesh. Fish schools are multiplying – there’s no one to catch them. Winds are howling through Draenor slopes and valleys and they bring no sound.

Draenor grows peaceful, wild and dead.

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