Blood For The Blood God!

I’ve added a Blood Spec for my newly-100 Death Knight yesterday and I think I will try to tank with Melaris. Maybe I love it.


Here’s my plan: without annoying anyone, I will try and do Proving Grounds first. Then I try Heroic Dungeons and then maybe raids.

Tanking Troubles

1) I think you must position yourself correctly and kite bosses properly. That’s tricky, but I think I can learn to do that. It’s practice, nothing else.

2) I think you must survive the deadly strikes properly – that I could manage as I learn my new abilities.

3) I think you must keep aggro on yourself, and that must be the worst trouble. When I tanked in 15-30 lv dungeons, I sucked at keeping aggro on myself, so people just ripped it off from me and I didn’t know how to get it back! My only ability was on CD, so.

4) Oh, and there’s gear. Need to collect a new set now, heh.

Well, we’ll see after proving grounds if it fits me.

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