Highmaul: Why So Serious?

Chitsuro is ready to fight Kargath!

There is an amusing fact. While World of Warcraft is all about epicness, there are some situations when you just put all this epic stuff aside and should just let the fun be.

Yes. (c) Spaceballs

One of the best examples is Stormstout Brewery. Every single mob and boss you come across there makes you smile if not laugh – and in different ways. You come across silly wild party-goers, or fluffy cute bunnies and a big spewing one, or drunk pandaren who claim the alementals to be theirs, or a nutty professor in the very end. They all are amusing to deal with, in conversation and encounter.

Now that’s what Blizzard needed to do with the whole Highmaul raid!

Ogres: A Towering Stand-Up Act

Despite being savage, cruel, cunning and dumb brutes, ogres have always delivered the best comedy episodes in whole franchise. I think that is why you were always happy to deal with them, ever since Hillsbrad or Duskwood or even dating back to old strategy games in 90s.

Now that they got themselves a whole ogre-themed raid, I might say I’ve expected something very cool – in a comedy way.

Mostly this idea was failed. 

With the only exception being Twin Ogrons and Arena sportscasters Tipsy and Topsy (don’t remember their real names lol), the rest of the raid is dull to the bone.

Yes. You should have left seriousness to Tectus and Brackenspore. I mean, these guys are elemental, they don’t have much to say (well, RIIIIIISE…. MOUNTAINS! is one of the best moments still). Where there are ogres, there should have been laugh.

If you put all the comedy relief from these brutes, you get yourself – well, brutes. Dumb tons of flesh that you’re supposed to deal with. Butcher, Ko’ragh, Imperator and all the mobs in coridors between encounters are either damn serious savages or arcane maniacs. And this is boring. This is as fun as a truck of frozen meat.

No, it’s not the time for epicness. Yes, ogres could have built all this palace, Gorian Empire and all the way to extensive and abusive arcane usage, but they still must be fun. No, we don’t want 15 minutes of “I command the Arcane!”-maniacal stuff. We want these Imperator’s two heads grumbling at each other along the fight :)

So that we didn’t die of boredom like we did :)

And this is seriose Hi-Mall reid.

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