Random & Chaotic Report

This post will be devoted to different highlights of the passed week. In short coming there will be a nice big overview post about current two raids. For now – enjoy my live report based on screenshots and S.E.LF.I.E. Camera.


I got it almost at the first day when it was introduced to the game. Using it from time to time, it’s a nice toy.

Sometimes you're playing cool and serious...
Sometimes you’re playing cool and serious…
But sometimes you make funniest faces ever.
But sometimes you make funniest faces ever.
Hulk Smash!
Of course I did this S.E.L.F.I.E. achievement!

My title of Master Explorer proved itself: I didn’t check out a SINGLE place listed in the achievement at WoWHead. I knew where all these places are! Being a mage also helps – you teleport like hell :)

Amazing shot! Just could we please delete the face which spoils everything?


I wiped off some BC raids – again – and got few raid pets, the most precious being SUCCUBUS from The Black Temple! Also gained some extra load of reputation points – I will grind them up, yes.

Ah, these epic moments ^_^
Ah, these epic moments ^_^
And these epic moments ^_^
And these epic moments... Backston, back off! Raid post is coming later.
And these epic moments… Backston, go away! Current raid post is coming later.


In short: IT SUCKS. Very randomized and low drop. While in Pandaria you were sure to bring at least something from each run, in Draenor LFRs tend NOT to give you loot. 3 wings, 9 bosses for Mayluna the Druid – NO LOOT AT ALL.

Well, LFR rehabilitated a bit and gave Salash FIVE pieces of armor. But it’s not natural, mostly I get bloody runes and bloody golds all the time. If I get at least one piece for 6 bosses, it’s extremely lucky situation. NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. It kills all the desire to raid at all, save I have 10 toons who need to be dressed.

Also, LFR gear is mostly designer’s shite.

Just look: she looks like an Arakkoa Solar Robor. *Bzzt* In-tru-der a-lert! *Bzzt* *Systems functional*
Just look: she looks like an Arakkoa Solar Robot. *Bzzt* In-tru-der a-lert! *Bzzt* *Systems functional*

Well, mail armor is comparatively nice.


Nevertheless I heavily use mogging.

And which is more embarassing, the guy sending your followers to missions is ALREADY DRESSED UP IN FULL SET! After you notice this, you feel like a loser at once.

He doesn't have to raid!
LOL I doesn’t have to raid and you does. I send you on a mission, loser player commander.


It was super fast. For boost, I used only 2 heirloom pieces. Cataclysm and Pandaria flew like a hawk past me. It takes only one hour of playing in the morning when you raise up like 2 levels.

In Cataclysm, I did Hyjal until when you return to Ysera (freeing all deities), ran 4 dungeons and 3 questlines in Deepholm – DING 85.

Love this!

In Pandaria, I did 3 dungeons and completed Jade Forest quests in full. Here’s what we have:

It's 89, guys!
It’s 89, guys!

Then I came to Halfhill, boosted Cooking from 1 to 560 (you do it in 5 minutes with mats you buy right there) and opened the gates to Vale of Eternal Blossoms – to get myself a center hub and also re-watch this epic moment:

If you ever noticed, Yulon is Water, Niuzao is Earth, Xuen is Air and Chi ji is Fire. My favourite Four elements concept!
If you ever noticed, Yulon is Water, Niuzao is Earth, Xuen is Air and Chi Ji is Fire. My favourite Four Elements concept!

Of course when I arrived at Allaince base there I already dinged 90 and went straightly for the most epic selfie:

Suck it, bloody leveling up! I'm in Draenor!
Suck it, bloody leveling up! I’m in Draenor!

So, Melaris is 92 and almost done with Shadowmoon and Garrison Lv2 with Mine and Forge, all for good.

End of report.

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