Epic Ring – IRL Quest


Well, it is one of the few posts I devote to IRL cause it’s kinda important. 

I’ve completed the Epic Ring quest chain IRL and got this achievement officially mentioned in my ID. My wedding happened on Friday 13 (March 2015) – last week, and we chose the date on purpose cause it is so cool :)

Me and Elena have been living together as a family for 5 years by now, renting a flat together, bringing up our 2 cats. So the wedding itself didn’t change much in our everyday lives, but:

  • We got Epic Rings to wear (silver + black opals)!
  • The Government is now officially aware of our relations and officially approved them (which makes few things a bit easier here in Russia)
  • Our families and friends participated in a beautiful ceremony
  • And now I can refer to Elena as “my wife” which describes our relations best! (Cause “girlfriend” sounds like you’ve met at a club yesterday).

Unlike many gaming families I come across in my guilds and different blogs, she doesn’t play WoW or any game at all. But she totally supports my interest and the time that I devote to World of Warcraft. The only thing you need to do for harmonic relations is: find balance between your gaming (any other hobby) and your personal life. And of course support and understand your life partner’s interests as well.

Here’s a toast: to mutual understanding and respect!


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