Patch 6.1: Hilarious Video And My Thoughts

I was laughing like hell all day for this – please do and check it out.

Speaking seriously, I think these are nice little tweaks for the game. And we will get Blood Elves at last, Ilmari all happy.

The major mistake Blizzard made is releasing the new raid dungeon apart from this. If they came together, all the whining would be moderate. New raid, and new BE models, and Twitter, and selfies, and jukebox, and a new legendary follower – sounds much better.

I;m a bit dissappointed that Tanaan is nowhere to be seen and no new storylines are presented (I’m a lore maniac, you know!). But with my army of alts I still have Highmaul to LFR and then Blackrock Foundry, save legendary ring chains. So I have plenty to do, and won’t be bored.

Still the video is VERY good and makes its point xD

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