Smells of Warcraft Project: Horde Races And Cities of Kalimdor


OrcOoh, that’s a rough race. Orcs are always in motion, and, also being both hulky and carnivorous creatures, smell very strong. We will again draw some parallels with animal world. Like their companion wolves, they hunted in parties since long ago, so they may have evolved this perk rather to give away their presence by smell than hide it.

Their smell is sharp, strong, and we may say that it is not very pleasant for a human nose. At Orgrimmar where the Orc presence is most concentrated it literally hangs in the air. Best compared to the overcrowded public transport with no conditioning on a hot day.



TrollStrange enough, Troll smell is not unlike a Gnome one. Previously we compared Gnome smell with lemon juice – well, Trolls share some ideas with the comparison. But it is definitely much sharper and with acidic, poisonous vibe. The smell is not overwhelming like an Orc’s one, but you always know a Troll is sitting nearby.

What defines a Troll for your nose is even not their natural body smell. It’s their mad hairstyles which obviously don’t naturally grow this way. To craft such mohawks and dye them Trolls always used ointments made of animal and plant extracts. Imagine some oily exotic fruit mixed with animal or fish fat and what not.

Troll villages though are a pleasant place to be at. Voodoo shamans burning leaves, vines and grass fill the air with these sweetish – yes, exotic – jungle vapors which you want to inhale. Only make sure you don’t get your sleep near a brazier intended for going into trance!


TaurenNow that’s easy. Bull-men Shu’halo origin from cows – and well, cows they smell. It depends on whether you find the smell of barn comforting and homely or not.

Thunder Bluff is good. It’s not the closed area and winds constantly drive away both the smell of many Tauren accumulated here and nice meadow herb smokes which they also burn for shamanic sakes.

An amusing fact must be unveiled though. At a mesa top you can’t easily find a suitable way to arrange a bathroom – especially for the type of poop that a normal Tauren produces. So, the way to ease the bowels of Thunder Bluff inhabitants is the one that sailors and pirates use at the ships. You come to the edge of plateau – behind a special leather windshield. You grab some stick well fixed in the ground for security. And then you raise your tail to the wind and do your toilet business right from the cliff to the ground!

It results in few issues. First. DON’T randomly walk around Tauren mesas and follow the roads. Imagine a cow poop falling off THIS height and how far it goes around after landing. Second: the area around mesas receiving this much of fertilizer is VERY green and flourishing.


GoblinDescendants of Southern Exotic Isles, Goblins, despite their size, smell very distinctively. It’s somewhat moderately metallic, enhanced by their love to powder, mechanisms and oil. So this industrial mix rather adds up to their own natural smell than covers it.

Meanwhile Goblins are widely using perfumes and constantly inventing something new. Add up exotic cocktails (made of GOOD alcohol), and you can’t object chatting with a Goblin of opposite sex at a party. If you come over your dislike of green skins it may even end up in something frivolous.

And of course trade princes and bank workers do smell the dry dusty odor of papers and gold – in other words, wealth.



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