Gear Up!

There’s nothing very special to report, as I’m slowly following my Gear Up! challenge. Having all my toons at 100, it’s now a pleasant step when you can choose any character of the class you want to play at the point. So, highlights for my Fabulous Five (Alliance) and Fearsome Five (Horde) by now:

  • Micromantica has 2 quest chains left to complete her Garrison campaign.
  • She has only 3 slots of gear below 640. Woo-hoo! (And as I’m a casual raider, that will be her endgame until Foundry). Also obtained like 2/3 of Ogre Stones for the Ring chain.
  • I’m doing my best to complete Auction Machine, but PvP “language” items cost like 30-50k each. Never gonna have this money, so I think I may sell the already collected ones, cause I don’t PvP. And get my Alliance bike!
  • Schlitzchen and Microfury ran their first LFRs!
  • Only Chitsuro and Mayluna haven’t their first Khadgar’s Rings yet.
  • It seems that all followers for all chars are above 95 lv in the worst case, and success is imminent.
  • Enjoying the Salvage Yard game ^_^
  • Nagrand’s quests are so nice and peaceful. Doing them while waiting for Dungeons. High replayability
  • Big thing: Silver Trial Grounds for Heroic Dungeon access.
  • It’s DAMN unfair, depending much on AoE and interrupts.
  • For Balance Druid Mayluna, each time I had 20 seconds left to pick my nose when every mob was already dead.
  • For Affliction Warlock Microfury, with no burst damage, minimum AoE and tricky spell interruption, it took me 11 tries and the winning one was a narrow escape too.
  • But there was a nice piece of tactics invented: DoT a small rabbit and make fish heal it, then finish up the fish healer while he’s on CD.
  • Not until Silver Trials were done, I remembered that I had a spell interruption demon.
  • Damn it.

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