Smells of Warcraft Project: Alliance Races And Cities of Kalimdor


DraeneiWe’re taking our portal to Exodar and find ourselves dealing with one of the sexiest races of Alliance: the Draenei. Even if they are mocked and addressed as “space goats”, you can’t deny the fact that almost every Alliance member secretly or openly thinks that a Draenei brothel would be the greatest enterprise ever. As Draenei themselves are not greeting this idea, what is left is your fantasies.

Despite the fact that Draenei are very serious about cleanliness, up to the point that you need a magnifying glass and few hours to find a speck of dust in their cities and buildings, they DO own their own special scent, and it does not come unnoticeable. The moment when a hulking male vindicator or slim female shaman passes you, you unmistakably feel their smell. To our surprise, it’s not uncommon for Azeroth natives, although you may expect something weird from an alien race. It’s the odor of sour dairy. Draenei smell COTTAGE CHEESE.



They live now among Night Elves, so they can be considered as Kalimdor dwellers as well. Worgen cannot hide their nature even in human form, and it’s easy to detect them by their smell: As pristine as their human society is/was, their werewolf nature can’t be hidden – at least not from our noses.

Easily detectable and undisputable Worgen smell is a smell of a wet dog pelt. Unlike cats, dogs and wolves hunt in packs, so they smell pretty much strong to give away their position to their pack mates. This trait was inherited by Worgen too, although they may not always be happy about it.


Night_ElvesTeldrassil of course smells like its trees, leaves, vines and grasses which cover even the walls and floors of its cabins and buildings. But of course it’s not the kind of natural smell we’re used to. Come on, this flora is VIOLET! So its fragrance is somewhat exotic, like if you were used to pine trees of the North and then you got yourself to the shores of Mediterranean sea.

Too close bonds with the woods for thousands of years couldn’t pass unnoticed for the race as well. Side by side with sabertooths evolved into not giving away their natural smell. But if you come close to a Night Elf in a city, his or her smell will remind you of woods immediately. And it’s not flowers or blossoms, it’s pretty deep and treeish odor. Say, mahogany?


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