Smells of Warcraft Project: Alliance Races And Cities of Eastern Kingdoms

To our happiness or sorrow, people haven’t yet invented the way to enhance our involvement into movies or video games, adding yet one another human organ to eyes and ears: our noses!

It seems very complicated technically, and not everyone will be happy not only to see or hear the disgusting sights of monster lairs, but also feel their horrible stench. Yet, I came up with a crazy idea. I offer you to turn on your fantasy and imagine how would races and their home cities smell in our beloved World of Warcraft if Blizzard employed some crazy “perfume” staff to their brilliant team.

This time we will talk about Alliance races and their cities of Eastern Kingdoms.

Fasten your seatbelts and let’s roll!


HumanAs we ourselves are Humans, we possibly won’t notice any special scents of Humans in Azeroth. Stormwind will smell moderately nice: it’s leather, and metal, and stone. Multiple food vendors and many, many trees in the city will add up to the fragrance. Apples in bloom and stuff.

You may possibly think that medieval towns smelled bad. But not in this case, no. Stormwind has a perfect sewer system. Its canals are not closed circuits. They are drained into the sea, so this and constant fresh breeze from the said sea doesn’t let the air go stale. Besides, there are few ponds, rivers and ocean, save the canals, so people won’t find it difficult or strange to take a bath.

The whole picture is a bit spoilt by gryphon nest. When you step up into the aviary, the floor suddenly gets slippery and you smell a strong smell of gryphon poo, coming from their lion parts. So think of it: next time you’re taking a ride from Stormwind, don’t forget to hold your breath! The Dwarf women do their job and wash off the excrements into the lake, but it doesn’t help much.

When you pass near Stockade, there’s also a short unpleasant gust of wind coming from its cells.

Through the dwarf quarter, we now take a tram to the snow valleys of Dun Morogh.



The stout fellas are all about deep fried boar ribs and ale (which also causes burps and farts, a recurring joke). As their own smell must resemble Humans, it’s definitely much more stronger concerning their diet. You can’t mistake a Dwarf coming in a tavern even if you don’t turn your eyes on him or her. Dwarf smell is very deep, strong and “brown”, though not unpleasant. Well, unless you’re a vegetarian.

But all the tasty smells of ale, fresh baked bread and fried meat coming from multiple taverns in Ironforge cannot beat the overwhelming flavor of melted metal! The heatwave knocks you from your feet right when you step from the tram or enter the Great Gate, and you find yourself in a place where metal is literally in the air. Me personally won’t like this factory odors, so I’d rather walk out to the chilly peak and descend towards the road to New Tinkertown. Off with you!



These small things simply cannot produce any noticeable smell from their bodies. What is worse, an odor you could possibly notice is easily beaten by sharp odors of machinery grease, chemicals and what-not. A typical Gnome always does something with his hands, so a typical Gnome always smells something from his or her worktable.

Smells of New Tinkertown are the same, enhanced by strong smells of acid pools.

But wait! We actually can catch a non-Tinkering Gnome and smell him or her! At least some Worgen did it, I know! And the best place to do it is Dalaran, where Gnomes follow the path of mage and don’t feel much desire to touch the tools at least for some time.

So, the pervert Worgen tell us that natural Gnome scent is thin, but sharp, and pleasant. If to compare it with the food, the closest example will be lemon juice.


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