10 Toons Go 100: Success!

Let’s start right from the spot: I did it!

Between waves 3 and 4

Yes, when you are all in Draenor, the only actual reason you can find yourself in front of Xuen is when you’re level 100 and given your trial quest!Alliance


The reason why I didn’t leave them behind and level one or two through dungeons instead was that those stuck at 97 felt like losers.

The final leg of leveling 97 to 100 went fast and smooth. You choose Tavern at Spires of Arak which grants you extra 20% XP and you use a potion from troll/dwarf at your Garrison to grant extra 20%. Result: even before you get your achievement for Spires of Arak questline, you reach the desired 100. It really takes just 2-3 hours for each toon.

There’s an obvious question aren’t Spires of Arak boring for the 10th time? The answer is: NO. While Talador is a complete disaster, as what you do is meddling inside yet another dozen-enemies-for-a square-meter fortresses, the Spires offer you excellent epic and diverse questing. You not only deal with ravens, but attack the swamp creatures or venom orc parties, explore the digsite (solar cannon – hellyeah!), and of course deal with an infested goblin town which is always a comic relief because of their attitude!

The only pile of shite in the location is of course the sabertooths. I HATE those cats, it’s the most annoying community in all of Draenor.

Status Quo for January 19: 

  • We got our Garrisons Level 3, although it pretty much emptied our bank accounts.
  • We built all the sites in Garrison. My choices for most toons are: Salvage Yard (my new favourite game), Tavern (for dungeon quests), War Mill/Bunker (haven’t explored it yet, but people say it’s worth it). For achievements and story sakes I got Goblin and Gnome Engineering, Stables, Mage Tower and Lumbermill – each for 1 random character.
  • We finished the Bronze trials and got our 610 weapons.
  • We’re frantically leveling all our followers.
  • Production cabins cool and running, we’re almost good with Draenor-crafted items and Draenor recipes. Leatherworking is still a disaster though (damn skins).
  • We chose our Level 100 abilities. The coolest one was for hunter of course. With a 30% boost to shooting abilities, now I can get rid of pets. Like I don’t need them now AT ALL! Maybe I will still summon Salash’s pet wolf Diretail for leveling – because of tanking. But still: there’s no one now messing around your feet, and in dungeons/raids too.
Lonely wolf!
  • Yesterday I also finished the Explorer/Loremaster achievements of Draenor, and with side quests too.

What Next? 

My plans go as follows now:

  • Obviously we slowly do Nagrand for quest achievement and to gear up for dungeons -> heroic dungeons -> raids.
  • Craft all the 640 items for all toons and start crafting for sale.
  • Do Garrison campaigns to the end.
  • Do Archaeology projects for Micromantica. I already dug out 3 legacy weapons to wear!

Soon I will post a location post for 3 zones: Talador (and why I hate it), Spires (and why I love them) and Nagrand.


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