Small Winter Holiday Post


As you probably know, it was the biggest holiday in the year in Russia, related to New Year: we have 10 days vacation.

So after celebrating the New Year itself, I visited Turkey (didn’t like it much) and then had a visit from my brother who lives in Moscow. There was not much time for posting :=)

Now that I’m back to work tomorrow (and deep gaming), you’ll see me more often again.


  • Backston (Fury), Micromantica (Ice), Mayluna (Balance) and Schlitzchen (Enhancement) are 100.
  • Micromantica nailed the whole Highmaul LFR. Will do at least one Epic Ring – for her.
  • LFR was a piece of cake, not a challenge like at all. I definitely want to try normal/heroic modes this year.
  • All other 6 toons are at 97 sharp.
  • Almost learned all recipes for everyone.
  • Got rid of Talador today for everyone. Don’t like the location quests mostly, but the small movie of siege is the best of all.
  • Garrisons are a nice break from fighting and feel like home.
  • Don’t see ANY use of Ashran, and it’s a long path there.
  • Resource income is still very much unfair for guys who need leathers, cloths/furs and enchanting dust.
  • Got many end-game buildings to explore: the Bunker, the Tavern and the Stables.
  • I LOVE YREL ^_^ Want the character to play as significant role in further Draenor as possible.

See you in the next posts to talk about all these things and many more! 

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