Profession Progression

As my 10 chars are small guilds-in-itself (Alliance and Horde), I decided to devote my weekend to push them all forward from their just-made Garrisons and develop at least until their first crafting house. So we got all 5 and 5 crafting mills ready and accepting orders now. 

Tailoring Emporium at Horde Garrison looks like all other “Emporiums” :) Get some dirty capes and bags!

Unlike many other players, I like the Horde Garrison buildings style. Only they could build some walls at least – well, it’s the land of eternal frost. And wear more clothes themselves, otherwise Thunderlords and Frostwolves look like not natives but tourists who didn’t expect the weather and forgot to pack some warm pelts with them :)

All of my alts are not only busy with professions, but slowly leveling too – I mentioned that it’s gonna be like a chess game :) I.e. – moving all of them taking turns, but always forward.

So far we have:


  • Micromantica the Gnome Mage: Level 100 and her first Heroic Dungeon Skyreach done with an epic ring from Khadgar. Btw, group buddies posted a dps recount and I was always at the table top! I guess it’s good. Ice Nova is three in one – a strongest dps ability, CC and cast interruption. And it’s INSTANT cast. I LOVE that spell.
  • Microfury the Gnome Warlock: Level 92
  • Backston the Human Warrior: Level 94
  • Mayluna the Night Elf Druid: Level 91
  • Chitsuro the Pandaren Monk: Level 91


  • Salash the Orc Hunter: Level 92
  • Ilmari the Blood Elf Paladin: Level 91
  • Schlitzchen the Goblin Shaman: Level 95
  • Zindari the Troll Rogue: Level 90
  • Rottenshield the Undead Warrior: Level 91

As all of my chars are dps, the best classes for leveling so far are Marksmanship Hunter and Affliction Warlock. With health bar almost always full, they cut through any packs of mobs and rares like a hot knife through butter in few seconds. Salash and Microfury are the doom machines, seriously.

I totally love Salash’s squint when aiming! And check out the new wolf – I felt soooo cool when having one too and being an orc at Frostfire Ridge!

So, the plan is settled: daily craft with helping each other with resources, leveling and getting to success. Much like Pandaria with its farm, but with no dailies. I checked out 3 Apexis dailies from Garrison – 2 went smooth at Nagrand and Frostfire, but at Shadowmoon I even didn’t have a chance to aggro a single mob, that was such a stray dog’s wedding that I left it for good.

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