Idea For A New WoW Class: Tinker!

Let’s roll the post right off the bat: I’ve just invented the new class for WoW and I think it will be amazing!


We actually have one!

I’m going to explain how this will be cool in several aspects, so my idea has justification and is kinda worked out xD


Addition of new classes was always based on the new expansion styles. When we had Northrend, we got ourselves death knights, all so frosty and undead. When we had Pandaria, we got ourselves monks, devoted to pandarian philosophy and fighting style. Now that technology turns Iron Horde into a rampaging war machine which can wipe all Azeroth, we got ourselves proof that small tinker gadgets are not something of support thing, but the power that really matters – and changes everything.

To fight the demon threat which will return even more violent than before, we need a boost and this is where the powerful Tinkers come in use. Otherwise it will be silly to leave all the Iron Horde technologies left as metal scraps as if this never happened and not even attempt to explore this path.

Goblins and Gnomes (ironically we have this expansion to Hearthstone too – a coincidence?…) step forward as the vanguard of Azeroth now, investigating the guts of the Iron Horde machines and eagerly educating the heroes of the factions who are eager to experience the powers of cogwheels, liquids and mechanisms.


Concerning a mechanism-related class, healing isn’t possible I guess – you can heal robots and automata, but not living creatures. With a spec-shared resource ENERGY and PLATE as armor, let’s get ourselves this line-up:


It’s an obvious choice, cause you deal with metal, and you can provide yourself and your party members the coolest defense ever.

A Tanking Tinker relies heavily on armor. It’s a stout character which prefers to stand still, digging into the ground like a howitzer. He uses flexible hinge-like moves to deflect the smaller boss hits, but when things get really tough he uses his most powerful abilities, turning himself into a living BUNKER which is impenetrable! He could dig into the ground like a spider mine in an instant and construct a sort of a wall between him and boss! For aggroing, I would suggest some blowtorch thing.

Wields: plate, shields, one-hand weapons


The obvious choice for a ranged Tinker DPS is the vast amount of different death ray guns! Lazer shots for direct damage, radiation clouds for damage over time and freezing for CC – you already want this, right?

The only drawback is that these guns are to be designed only for this class and spec, but hey! We got a significant amount of Agility staves added for monks, and Hunters are the only ones who uses bows and rifles, so?…

Wields: plate, special guns, can use hunter guns


A melee dps Tinker is something in between an enhancement shaman, a fury warrior and a rogue. He’s a very fast fighter, relying heavily on small but very fast hits – like a drill or a sewing machine. Multistrike here is not only an option, it’s BUILT-IN. His significant abilities would be:

A drill or a meatgrinder! You empower your arms with a gadget that when you hit just one button, and you just drill your opponent as a jackhammer! Option: if you wield knives, that gets you real sllice and dice like no rogue has seen before!

You place explosives and small bombs onto your melee weapon and with a strong hit it explodes at the opponent’s head!

An electric stun! While enh shammies just blatantly shove lightnings in your teeth, the electroshock of Tinker stuns the target.

Wields: plate, one-hand weapons (dual)


As Monks give you the feeling of a fluent, elusive wind who fights with bare hands, playing with Tinker is not only contrast, it’s JUST THE OPPOSITE. Heavily armored, all specs move into battle like a weapon of doom. They dig into the ground, relying on their plates and launch their vast range of engineered gadgets at the enemy. To compensate this, they are not mobile.

The greatest satisfaction of playing a Tinker must be the feeling of a living powerful tank – and of course, all the mechanical sounds that will accompany all your fighting moves!

And just imagine all the cogwheeled, mechanized and goggled mogging sets for them!


Gnomes, Dwarves, Humans and Draenei – are Tinkers!

Goblins, Orcs, Undead and Blood Elves – are Tinkers!

Night Elves, Worgen, Tauren, Trolls and Pandaren – are not Tinkers!


I think it’s the coolest class idea ever, so please share it if you think the same! If we get enough voice to reach Blizzard – maybe we see Tinkers in game. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Idea For A New WoW Class: Tinker!

  1. If i still played WoW i would LOVE this. My human Warrior tank was an engineer, and I constantly used gadgets to augment my play. A Human Tanking Tinker (or a gnome since gnomes are love) would simply be amazing! Now that I play D&D i have created my own version of Tinker and Alchemist classes since i love the idea of crafting stuff you use in battle.

    Gods damn it I would come back to WoW in a heart beat if this was released!


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