Three Weeks Since Launch: Is It An End Game Already?

Hooray! Micromantica the Gnome Frost Mage, my main, hit 100 at the weekend.

Question is: what we gonna do now?


You see, the thing is that I’m frustrated. It’s been 3 weeks since launch, and as though my personal pace was slow and enjoying, I seem to have reached the cap – at least lore cap.

I did all the quests in all locations excluding few small grinding spots (will do for achievement), but now I feel like what is left is grinding.

Available options that I have at my disposal now

1. Go upgrade you Garrison and get resources. While I definitely enjoy the RPG element of developing my Garrison, the resources income without quests suddenly became low which slows me up. To get them, I obviously need to go and hunt for rare creatures. Go grind!

2. Get geared. It’s Khadgar’s ring questline which now requires only a dungeon run. It’s crafting which also requires – Go grind!

3. Go to dungeons to gear up. That’s actually fun, as it’s EXTREMELY hard to walk through them. The only drawback is that queues are lasting for like 40 minutes at least. And I simply don’t know what to do while waiting for them except – Go grind!

4. Go find “treasures”. Not cool, as it turns WoW from MMORPG into an arcade game of jumping, falling and jumping again. Go grind!

5. Garrison Missions (dailies). I tried one so far, and it says: go investigate what’s happening with ogrons! Guess what happens when I arrive there? Ogres and ogrons are fighting each other (ogrons don’t want to work), and to finish the quest you – Go grind them all!

6.  Get Apexis crystals. I even don’t know why I need them! But I – yes, you’re right – must Go grind them anyways, as somewhen it will be revealed that I need a huge load of them.

7. Earn reputation? You can’t even imagine what you gonna do for it… Give me a good guess!


To sum it up, there’s nothing left in Warlords of Draenor for Micromantica except grinding this or that way. You are free to choose what are you supposed to grind next. And it seems there’s nothing left of the lore by now.

Of course I will now lead the rest of my chars to 100, and learn the Horde part of the story… But doesn’t it seem to you that the said story ended like so too fast?..

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