Proper Draenor Leveling – Amusing Highlights And Thoughts

With most of the delays and lags gone, Sunday was devoted to leveling in Draenor at last.


I was afraid that garrisons will require much time like farm did. It was amazing though how it turned out to be another way. When the first time I saw that there are many missions which appear constantly – it was like WUT? The Garrison will require my presence every hour? And for 10 of my toons, how’s that?

It appeared that missions are mostly dedicated to leveling the followers though. So you are not stuck with the garrison, but it’s just a small pleasant option.


They were epic for both Horde and Alliance! If not to post heavy spoilers, I have to say that I like how after almost every quest there’s at least a dialogue, if not a cutscene. It’s now not a game, but a movie. Extremely interesting!


I’m not sure why I need it cause I’m not into PvP at all. If only for capital portal – well, I better bind myself directly for Stormwind/Orgrimmar.


I totally like all the job Blizzard did. It’s not only a real movie music now playing in locations, not only the significantly increased quality of locations and models. It’s like they actually remembered at last that their NPCs have their needs besides serving as a vendor or a questgiver. So you could find a spare boot, some food, many, many items in the houses now – and you totally believe that they LIVE there.


93 and 93 for Backston and Schlitzchen now, and Gorgrond. Other chars – they will at least finish the first questline and settle up at their garrisons in the coming 2 days. Next one to level will be Micromantica, cause she’s the achievement and reputation grinder among us.

I cheked the “extra” quests – they all are bound with grinding many mobs. So that will be done only once, no need to charge all my toons about them.


There are some special points through leveling that I need to tell about.

Copro Quest – Check!

Remember how in every expansion you are to dig some animal poops? This time there’s someone who does that for you. Still, Blizzard’s guy who’s secretly into excrements and pushing them in the game is happy.

You can never tell it’s the epic hero from epic cinematics of Frostfire’s epic ending.

Pity that it was not Velen.

Boost Your Creativity!

The starting questline offers you an opportunity to draw on the ground :) Gunpowder Plot – Micromantica couldn’t help herself but arrange an epic flaming blazing inscription:





If Iron Horde watched from above, they know who’s in charge now! :)

Find The Kawaiiest Race On Draenor – Check!

That’s like OH – MY – GOD! First from the preview I thought that they will behave more like animals. But when they started to wield spears and act like pygmies… Epic!!

I want a pet, and better it be a trio-pet :)


Btw, this whole thing about animal/race plant morphing is the creepiest thing so far. The same was with Zerg infestation in Starcraft. Blizzard rarely gives us anything scary at all, so it’s even more precious now.

What was the most amusing you found on Draenor so far?

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