First Days of Warlords Launch – There Is No Hurry

It may sound like a joke, but I advise you to listen to the wise Pandaren and take your time doing something else.

EU Fordragon – an hour before launch

It seems that people still have something to learn from Pandaria – at least their attitude to life!

Although Draenor was tested and re-tested by all means before launch, it’s now when Blizzard actually sees how this all works with millions of people harassing the same poor NPCs at the same time.

You could ask: why don’t you add server power to cope with the difficulties of millions of people at the expansion launch? It’s the same thing like this: you throw a birthday party and people arrive all at once, causing a shuffle at the entrance. After the party rolls over, they won’t be staying there and spread all over the place so that everybody feels comfortable. What you suggest is building a huge ballroom at the door so that all could feel comfortable if arriving at once. Yes, that solves the problem, but what will you do with this hall after party’s over and you wasted so much money building it?

If you have ever been related to IT, you know that bugs and drawbacks are inevitable. When your website or feature works well in test, everything seems ok, and then when you launch it – it appears that there are drawbacks that you haven’t noticed before. So the question is all about fast fixing it.

Blizzard are of course doing everything they can, staying up all night to fix the issues and bugs that you encounter now. So whining and trying to claim your money back like I see at forums doesn’t help. Feedback – does.

Blizzard also claims that beyond the usual high tension of the expansion launch there are additional DDOS attacks which don’t help at all.

We all expected Draenor, yes, but please have patience and find something to do IRL for at least a couple of days. Bugs will be fixed and people will spread all over the continent – your game will become COMFORTABLE once again.

For me the morning of launch went very smoothly – Schlitzchen the goblin shaman did all the starting quests, built a garrison and settled at the first quest hub with no problems at all. In the evening I rushed at Draenor with Backston – my human warrior, and although there was no waiting queue, there were multiple disconnects, many people around Yrel and I was kicked out of my garrison constantly. So I decided to see a movie and go to bed instead of struglling with bugs.

My morning usually starts with coffee and WoW, and when I run out of my apartment for work in the last moment I curse myself, because I forgot to change my shoelace again which was half-chewed by my cats 2 weeks ago. This morning, I remembered about that beforehand and managed to do that :)

So: browse. Take your time. Take a look around you and find things that you thought to do somewhen at another time.

Everything is awesome :) You’ll have your Draenor soon.

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