Which Character Will Storm Draenor Tonight?

Most of you have many toons and several 90s. So, the question is: which of them will you choose to step on Draenor first and why?

The choice is difficult for me as all of my chars have roughly equal ilvl (around 530), I care for them all equally and of course each of them will travel Draenor and have their garrison.

Not my first main, Micromantica, because although she’s the girl who does all possible achievements, I’m still not sure about new ice mage rotations yet.

So, Voljin and Varian carefully looked at my list that I gave them and chose their champions:



Schlitzchen – Enhancement Shaman

Iron Horde will meet face-to-face the fury of her twin axes showing them that elements are not to be messed with at Azeroth. Thrall once noticed smth in her, picked her up from the bunch of poor goblins, discovered her potential and although their ways parted for long time shortly after that, they meet again!

It’s time to show the sensei how far she traveled in the paths of shaman and fight with him side by side.



Microfury¬†–¬†Affliction Warlock

As the Iron Horde never saw demons, she will be a surprise for them. The Voidwalkers are roaring and ready to crush the Irons!

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