Warlords Of Draenor Launch – Region Time-Table


Are you gonna login at the announced time?

As I’m anxious like hell about Draenor, at the same time I recall the launch of Pandaria, and that was awful. Micromantica couldn’t even see or touch the Night Elf SI:7 NPC who gave the starting quest because of hundreds of dragon mount bulks. General Channel of the chat was filled with shrieking squeals: “Did you take the quest, dude?!!!1111” cause it’s so hard to type /group and you must kill the first raid boss by morning obviously.

So for me the launch of Pandaria night was only 2 quests until actual landing on the shores, and I went to bed because you can’t get any pleasure from the new lands when all action is presented as a slideshow and there’s a queue for every mob.

I do login at 2 a.m. tonight (11.5 hours left!) and screen the crowds, then I go to bed :) Will make my first Draenor steps in the morning before going to work.


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