Draenor – Are You Ready?..

New Warlords of Dranor Space Map

What I’m doing now – is 2 days of smooth and pleasant leveling for Klaari, my Draenei shaman of already 17 lv. Because:

All my 90 toons are now residing on a porch of Sunsong Ranch house, recalling the last week:

  • They all fought with Iron Tide and got their pets.
  • They leveled all the professions at max and crafted all the needed goods they could from this patch. Btw, Tailors – it’s possible now to buy spirits of harmony at AH which means you can avoid CD for Imperial Silk and do bags.
  • They upgraded Sunsong Ranch to maximum 16 slots, became Best Friends with all Tillers, gathered their last crops and planted all the farms with beautiful Oriental (or better we say: Southern?) trees.
  • They downed Garrosh and everything before him for the last time and marauded out of Orgrimmar as many LFR 528 goods as they could carry.
  • They all opened the map of Pandaria in full – no unexplored places left.
  • Finally, they sent all the spare goods to AH and now waiting for the letters from the Goblin cartel. And their bags are now packed one in each other so that they carry only a backpack for the first rough landing at Draenor.

They deserved 2 days of doing absolutely NOTHING. Awaking in the farmhouse, eating some last dishes of Pandarian food, slowly WALKING to the market to chat with the guys there. A peaceful weekend before the thunder of Iron Horde coming.

In 2 days you will experience the starter’s excitement again: the joy of exploration, discovering the new lands, leveling and getting yourself a better gear through QUESTS, learning new stories!

But for now – “There’s no hurry. Browse. Take your time.”

Draenor is at hand. I’m ready.

Up-to-Date Map of Draenor

One thought on “Draenor – Are You Ready?..

  1. Man, you are way more organized than I am! I’m still running around, trying to finish up odds and ends, frantically leveling a few professions, and trying to gear my new warrior. At least I got most of my Garrosh Heirlooms before the drops, there’s that. Maybe I should put all my characters in one place the eve of the expansion, that’s a good idea!


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