Blizzcon 2014 – Not Cool


I never wrote anything about Blizzcon cause I tried to calm myself and be reasonable. Maybe it’s time to express myself.

As a metalhead who’s frequently attending festivals and gigs I could offer the analogue of what has happened at Blizzcon.

Imagine that you browse some music festival schedule and see many bands there. Some of the bands are moderately interesting for you, some you even don’t want to check out. And you see the band’s name on the festival poster that you totally love. THIS band in the line-up is why you finally make a decision and buy a ticket and go to the festival.

You arrived at the festival. Some bands that you moderately liked were cool or not, some bands that you haven’t checked out pleasantly surprised you, but you’re waiting for the highlight of the evening – THE band.

Finally you’re there in the first row. And THE band just walks out, sits on their chairs and TALKS with the host. And when the show is about to start – they just walk away from the stage!

Then you learn that the band WILL play the show but it’s gonna be another place and you’re not allowed there.

You say: WTF!!! They say: yes, we have announced the band in the festival poster, but no one told you that it’s gonna play in front of you. You saw the band itself. The band played a show. Why so serious?


That’s EXACTLY how I felt staying up all night watching Blizzcon as an idiot with my axe-wielding murloc. If the Blizzard announced beforehand that those having virtual tickets would NOT be allowed to the certain points of Blizzcon both on stream or afterwards, I would of course re-consider my decision to buy the ticket.

I guess that Warcraft movie news – and TRAILER – was one of the most important highlights not only for me, but for many other players. You read: Presentation of Warcraft movie. You know that filming ended in May. It’s Blizzcon where they announce big things. You EXPECT the trailer. And they actually have it and show it, but you can take your virtual ticket and watch the guys fighting at the arena.

I never thought I could say that about Blizzard but the whole situation resembles a small petty fraud to lure more guys expecting a movie trailer to buy a ticket.

The frustration was so big that I even didn’t watch the second night.

At least I have a chicken murloc costing 20 Euro.

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