Tuning More Faces – 2

Could you name most important aspect of the game? Is it raids? Quests? Battlegrounds? Professions? Pet battles?

Actually all these things are just salt and pepper to the most important aspect of the game – YOUR CHARACTER. That’s what you’re really busy with, earning achievements and gear for him or her. And no surprise that you must totally love it.

The point is: your toon model couldn’t be “acceptable”, or you won’t even want to login with it or do anything for them. And on the contrary, when you love your characters, you are more willing to spend your time in WoW, and all achievements suddenly become more valuable. Feel the difference:

  • I got raid leather shoulders for Zindari, my dear troll rogue! Now she looks even more gorgeous! – and:
  • That punk who irritates me with each step she walks got her shoulders. This piece of armor won’t do with her face that I don’t like much… actually nothing goes well with this face. And why is that?

So you should really make them look perfect, 5 points from 5. And I managed to do that:


WoWScrnShot_102414_100731 5/5. Beautiful, and at the same time scary Undead.



I changed her long pony-tail to loose long hair and changed a face again. Now not so bloodlust, very attentive and clever eyes which track the prey in the wilds. Btw, a wolf model stayed the same :=(



I switched back to this evil face. To attenuate the vicious snout, I left her haircut moderate and changed the color of her hair from wild pink into a calm light-blue/greyish (doesn’t look like it should be at screenshot because of Dalaran lights). Now her heavy eyes are the only bright spot on the face. And well, she doesn’t seem so sinister now. Love it!



That was the most heavy trip. And she eventually was changed from always-been-brunette to ash blonde, which made the rest small tunnings like face and haircut choice very easy. 5/5 without doubts for Disney princess (and previously it was 2 points)!

Take My Advice!

To conclude blabbering about new Draenor character models – don’t take an “acceptable” toon face as a final result, do devote your time, gold, and eventually you will find the right combination. You’ll be surprised to experience a warm smile on your face when thinking about your toons when not in the game. Totally worth it!

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