Subtitles in my WoW? An option now!

Oh, and there’s one more very, very important thing that I forgot to mention.

It doesn’t concern you guys playing WoW in English. But as a Russian user I’m playing WoW at a Russian server, and that means that I had to have all my WoW written and pronounced in Russian.

Localization is actually one of the best (well, it’s Blizzard), but still, an option to switch on original speech and in-game original texts was not available. Until now.

There’s an option to switch on English texts and English speech – SEPARATELY. So here’s my choice: I tried and liked to switch on original speech, but texts were left as they were – in Russian.

Now it’s like watching a movie or tv series with subtitles (which I normally do).

There will be no more facepalm voices of female orcs and pandaren. But voice actress for Jaina is much, much better in Russian, mark you :=)

P.S. No post should go without a picture, so here’s one:

WoWScrnShot_100714_223303Obviously someone got mad and provided a wedding feast (although there was no wedding running). Zindari is literally shocked (she never detected the chef who did this).

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