Iron Tide: Washes Away Your Plans (Patch 6.0.2. Release Date)

And this happened: dear Blizzes announced the pre-patch event.


While I’m shaking with excitement (literally!) thinking about that on Wednesday I will see my toons renewed models IN-GAME, I’m of course at the same time very anxious about my dear plans about dressing up my toons and finishing at least once the LFR raids with them. Will I have time for that?

Probably I will. What we will have to do is complete a questline and run a renewed UBRS dungeon. That shouldn’t take much time, should it? Even for 10 toons?

We shall see…

Question for you guys reading this: ARE YOU PREPARED?

Cause I’m not :)

P.S. And silly me, I completely forgot that Royal Satchel recipe for Tailors is not learnt automatically through craft or not found while killing mobs. You must be Exalted with August Celestials to buy it from them!!!

Oh my, Rottenshield just had her hands full before the expansion hits. Cause one of the reasons she’s a Tailor is that no one else could sew bags for my hordies…

So from now on: Farm orders, Dailies and Dungeon/Scenario runs. We’re up all night to get lucky.

One thought on “Iron Tide: Washes Away Your Plans (Patch 6.0.2. Release Date)

  1. I’m not ready yet! Got a few things left to do which I can easily finish in one day :) But I’m really looking forward to the patch! Can’t wait to see what my characters will look like and learn more about what’s happening in Blasted Lands.


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