Bringing Fun Back to Leveling: Klaxxi

Leveling in Warcraft has become very fast and smooth since when I started playing (it was times of Lich King). I don’t know if it’s overgearing given even at the first levels or weakened enemies, but it is so. At those times you had to crawl very slowly, and pray that mobs don’t call any aids from their camps to help. Because if you drag at least two, your life could be in question, and three of them meant obligatory cemetery run.

It’s an obvious benefit now cause you must level up very fast – there’s so much content in-game you need to do before getting to cap that you simply can’t waste so much time for a single mob. But it killed much fun. When you use most of your abilities in every encounter, you become a tough and hardened fighter. Now, when leveling, I can use one of my hands for drinking coffee, or become distracted by the movie plotlines which my girlfriend is watching at her laptop nearby. And it’s not even a single mob to fight, I’m pulling 4 or 5 mobs even with not-at-all-AoE rogue to collect teeth or pelts or whatever the quest-giver needs faster.

Luckily there’s a certain point in Pandaria when you remember the cool experience of hard mob fights, and that’s Dread Wastes. You’re allowed here at 89 only, probably with all 6 dungeons done and equipped up to 420-430 ilvl. And that’s not enough!


You get so used to aggroing many guys and clicking them off without any radical danger to your health bar even at previous Kun Lai Summit, when you’re suddenly thrown into a boiling kettle. Kill 7 saurok, Klaxxi say. You think: Pff, and lazily running through their hearth to aggro your usual 2-3 pack, when suddenly you find your health bar at 10%, and not one of them even dead!

The rebel mantid embraced by Sha are even a greater problem with their razor sharp warriors, as they not only easily use deadly abilities which will take off 50% health if not avoided, but also attack in large groups. NOW you must remember where are the defence buttons on your panels! And “that-icon-is-sorta-some-kind-of-like-a-defence” – is not an unknown field anymore, you know exactly what it really does, and what it does up to the last digit. Also you need to kill the enemies as quickly as possible, and while you could punch 3 buttons throughout the game, it’s the exact place where a perfect rotation starts to matter.

So bless the Wastes :=) Not only it maxes your instincts and drives you out of your through-game slumber, but they also have one of the most cool and diverse storylines in Pandaria. If not only the dark blue and black ground – which is depressing, but you can’t deny how you admired with Heart of Fear palace and a Sha eclipse over your head, you did I know.

Do you like to deal with Klaxxi as a faction btw? And rebel mantid lead by their mad Empress?


P.S. Talking about Dread Wastes, I mean that my leveling 4 chars now range from 1.3 to 0.5 levels to go. Yippee! Level caps coming and I guess I’ll get them all 90 by the weekend :=)

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