Mr and Mrs WoW: Things To Do Before Draenor

Mr and Mrs WoW now gather information about things we do before the new expansion. Of course I’ll be happy to join the discussion!

So, my tops:

1. Leveling my chars. I’ve chosen 10 class/spec combinations, and while 6 of them are already happy and 90 and geared in Siege of Orgrimmar, the other 4 are now at Cataclysm. I love all my characters equally, so each and every of them by November must be 90 and trying to gear up in SoO things. Then I can choose who from Horde and Alliance will step on Draenor land first! And while leveling, I’m also following my chars’ paths and writing amusing stories for this fresh blog and making multiple screenshots for illustrating :)

2. Crafting and professions! While my leveling chars must obviously reach 600 points in their main and side professions (except maybe Archaeology and Fishing) to come to Draenor prepared, I also login every morning with all of my 90s. It takes only 10 minutes with my morning coffee to gather crops from the farm and get enough mats for crafting a rare daily cooldown. So when my Cataclysm-dwelling girls reach 90, they have everything they need to rush into the raids. And my jeweller provides a solid cash flow every day. 

 3. Gear up! Since I’m a casual raider (who nevertheless provides a solid DPS support and doesn’t make silly mistakes through LFR), I’m only chasing the whole class-based SoO sets for each and every char. A bit easier for me cause I never wear helmets, but still such a lottery :( 6 kills of Sha and still no chest plate for my warrior :)

4. Minor things I do not do on a daily basis. Like I feel I need to see what is Ulduar (and I did!), or dig a bit archaeology, or hit some Exalted reputation, or level a mechanical pet few levels up. Even with my once-only-one-character who has most achievements there’s always something to do!

And I already did a goals-page for all of my chars where I cross out the achieved things. It’s here:

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