World of Warcraft: How I Got In

Warcraft universe started for me with occasional playing Warcraft II – at both PC and Sony Playstation console. Completely enchanted by the epicness of the events and resemblance to the LotR setting, I got plunged in this world completely. Though I hadn’t the chance to devote as much time to the universe as I wanted – back in 90s, I didn’t own my own PC and had to play at videogame salons and at my friends’.

Death and Decay!
Death and Decay! That, and bombing the cities with Juggernauts and Battleships is the highlight of W2.

When I finally got one, it was the time when W3 was released. Oh my, desperate fall of Arthas, gnawing into the lands of high elves with Plague hordes, establishing the homeland for the Orcs and last stand of Night Elves – proceed to Frozen Throne campaigns and Founding of Orgrimmar…

It was the coolest experience ever – and finally the map of the world was complete in my mind too. Before, it was skirmishing “somewhere there”. Now we got a planet of shape.

Few years passed, and I saw my friend playing World of Warcraft (it was the Lich King time as far as I remember). I heard about the game but never touched MMORPG genre before – that’s why it took me so long to start exploring it. When I saw him running with his Undead character in starting location (it was Deathknell, not even Tirisfal), I fell in love immediately and completely.

For whom the bell tolls!

The same day I’ve bought and installed the game and started my first char. Due to my likes of smallest creatures I’ve chosen a gnome girl who was named after my favourite character from “My Name is Earl” – “Joyhickey”. She was a rogue and had extremely good times while mastering the bandit skills. Seriously, those rogue questlines with SI:7 are what I miss most now.

She leveled up till 60 and her first steps in Hellfire Peninsula, Honor Hold.

Next char was “Micromantica” – a gnome mage who mastered ice of course. I always liked ice magic in every game possible.

Winterfrost, pleasant blue fashion and stuns – that makes any frost mage a supreme choice.

She moved farther than Joyhickey – up to questing in Zul’Drak. Then I downgraded to a relatively weak laptop and stopped Warcraft experience for a while. So, i was never doing any raids.

I returned back with Cataclysm. I’ve upgraded my laptop since, and as I saw movies of Azeroth destruction on Youtube, I was determined to return and punish everyone responsible. This time it was Russian official server (if interested, it is Fordragon-EU).

There was a nice discussion when I started playing WoW this time. My girlfriend heard about the WoW addiction of course and was afraid that it could interfere our lives. Well, we had an agreement: if she notices that I’m lost in the game the way that it starts to bother and become obsessive, I reduce gaming or quit. From the time of this conversation 2,5 years passed, I play much enough, but we still live together, don’t have argument about it, obtained two cats and moving on to the marriage path – so I can say the balance could be achieved.

Besides everything else, World of Warcraft is one of my major hobbies, so I’ve decided to run this blog to share my gaming experience to anyone involved.


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