Alt-Friendly? A Bucket of Suggestions

Yes, I'm very firm with the idea that Shadowlands is probably one of the most alt-friendly expansions. Still there is room for improvement, and I've come across a brilliant article on Wowhead that offers a lot of welcome suggestions. Here's the link: Don't be shy and read the full article. Yet here's the summary … Continue reading Alt-Friendly? A Bucket of Suggestions

The Future of Shadowlands Lore: Speculation

*spoiler alert: the speculation is based on leaked Torghast questline cinematics, so approach with care As the [presumed] finale of Torghast quest chain leaked into the internets, we now have enough material to muse about the future development of Shadowlands - and beyond. Where We Are Now? In 2 weeks the Covenants will finalize their … Continue reading The Future of Shadowlands Lore: Speculation