The Games We Play During Lull

My druid is 9/21 rep with Ven'ari. My rogue is still desperately trying for the final Nathria weapon token. Other than that, it's other games on my table. Star Wars Battlefront: I've finished the campaign a while ago and put it on a shelf. It's been an amazing SW movie-like experience, and there will always … Continue reading The Games We Play During Lull

Torghast Datamined Changes

Wowhead and other WoW-related resources are reporting multiple improvements (?) in Torghast. The overall direction is about making the whole system shinier, some catch-up mechanics are naturally woven in for latecomers/alts, and several new systems are implemented, like ranks, perks, affixes, layers, soft timers, removal of death counter and many, many more - also adding … Continue reading Torghast Datamined Changes